Anyone else wish Hal Jordan was still a villain?

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Hey, maybe I'm alone in this, but Hal Jordan was my favorite villain of the 90's.  
Parallax (when Jordan gave himself the name, not the silly "fear entity") was awesome.  He was almost the DC version of magneto - except with a long history of heroism and an even more tragic downfall. How many times have super hero's gone back in time to right a wrong? Superman flying around the Earth to go back in time and save Lois Lane, The Legion of Super Hero's going back in time to do, well, lots of things.  
Jordan has a decent enough idea - go back in time and prevent the cyborg from nuking coast city. Hell, why not?  
Well, because the guardians say no! And the rest of the Super Hero's on Earth say, "Sorry Hal. Gonna have to deal with it" - I wonder, if Gotham or Metropolis were destroyed, and Superman or Batman saw a way to restore the planet - how would THEY react to being told "too bad. Gotta let it happen."  
Anyway, I empathized big time with Hal and found him to be a most intriguing villain. I also thought rebirth was an asinine copout - there were better ways to restore Hal to his former duties than to wrap up emerald twilight into the old "I was possessed" bit -   not to mention John Stewart and Kyle Rayner are more interesting characters anyway...  
Well, anyway, anyone else agree with me?  

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@DcMarvelUnity: Gotham WAS destroyed. Read No Man's Land. Bat's went ape shit.

#3 Posted by The_Tree (8577 posts) - - Show Bio

No, he's my favorite Green Lantern, and I don't want to read him about him being a villain.

#4 Posted by DcMarvelUnity (65 posts) - - Show Bio

@ Arturo - Actually I have no mans land, cataclysm etc. Awesome series. Batman did kind of go ape shit but he didn't really have the option of using Oa's central power battery or some kind of time machine to prevent Gotham's destruction. Also, an Earthquake is a natural disaster, tougher to prevent. 

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No, Hal's better as the slightly self centered hero who really does care about helping people but can get lost in the pursuit of justice. That said I agree about Stewart being a more interesting Lantern

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I prefer him as GL, but it's Hal, I'll read about him no matter what

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@DcMarvelUnity: Touche, If batman had the means he MAY have went rogue. Doubtful though, IMO. Personally I'd like to see Guy or Stewart go evil. Guys arrogance or John's rage would make for good temp. villains. But neither could top Hal as a villain, but I like him as a good guy better.

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I wish he was still dead

#9 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14777 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish writers would give him decent character development without completely screwing over tha character

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

I wish writers would give him decent character development without completely screwing over tha character

Who's screwing him over?

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Batman didn't want help speeding up the process with Superman, so I doubt that he would bring Gotham back. If he goes so far as to prevent his parents from being brought back to life, he probably wouldn't bring Gotham back (I know it's a much larger scale, but still).

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I like him in both roles - as the good guy gone bad, and as the good guy with a not-so- squeaky clean past.

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@DcMarvelUnity: Yeah. He was a great villain. One of my favorites as well. The 90's is one of my favorite periods in DC comics. The problem with Hal is that he was to powerful not to kill off.

@joshmightbe said:

I wish he was still dead

Me too. Not a great SPectre, but better than Allen.

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