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Thanos has come to the DC universe, as he has built a weapon -- and only the last Green Lantern's ring can activate it. In testing a rift between the two universes, Thanos pulls the Cyborg Superman into the Marvel universe, and sends Terrax the Tamer into the DC one. Meanwhile, Parallax has traveled to the Marvel U to pursue Cyborg, and runs into the Silver Surfer in combat with him.

Thanos "saves" Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern, from Terrax, and convinces him to aid him in stopping Parallax from destroying both universes. It is not until after he has gained the power of a destroyed Oa that Thanos reveals his true plan -- to destroy all creation, and be with his love, Lady Death.

Parallax convinces the Surfer to give him the Power Cosmic to stop Thanos, but in the end, it takes the combined efforts of Green Lantern and the Silver Surfer to defeat the two mad villains.

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Cosmic Batteries - Never Leave Home Without Them 0

THE GOODFirst, I simply love when my favorite super-heroes team-up against my favorite super-villains. This one-shot crossover offers just that. Second, the use and exploitation of cosmic powers in this issue are great - It is always nice to see super-heroes either discover or take advantage of their potential (something that both Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and Silver Surfer have trouble with at times) - AND - it is always nice to see Silver Surfer used as a cosmic battery. :) Finally, it was n...

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I really liked this issue. 0

I especially liked this issue because The Green Lantern and Silver Surfer team up to help take down Thanos and Hal Jordan, also because it was the first comic i read that had heros and villans from both Marvel and DC universes.This issue also puts The Green Lantern and Silver Surfer against each other because Thanos went to the DC universe and asked for Green Lantern's help against Hal Jordan and Hal Jordan went to the Marvel universe and asked for Silver Surfer to lend him some of his power cos...

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