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Heart of Darkness is a three issue Green Lantern storyline. The story begins with Kyle discovering that Jade, his girlfriend at that time and daughter of Alan Scott is missing. He contacts Alan Scott and together come to the conclusion that the biggest suspect would be Brainwave, an old nemesis of Alan Scott. While they go confront Brainwave to try and figure out whatever happened to Jade, who has been locked up, his brainwave powers ignite showing both Alan and Kyle memories of past that taunts them. The vision stops after Osidian, the son of Alan Scott, intervenes with an intention to kill brain wave. That’s the end of the first issue.

Second issue starts with Osidian trying to kill Brainwave but is stopped from doing so by Kyle and Alan Scott. Alan also find that Osidian has somehow changed, although he can’t pinpoint how, and explain Osidian that he is convinced Brainwave isn’t behind this and that Osidian needs to explain why he’s so aggressive. Osidian is angered by this, and in turn attacks both Kyle and Alan, after a brief battle they find themselves teleported to a different realm, the realm of Starheart. Starheart is revealed to be behind the disappearance of Jade and has someone convinced Osidian to act in his regards. Starheart explains he did so because he believe Jade and Osidian are his children, although the biological component came from Alan Scott, the powers came from the Starheart. Starheart also explains that he wants them (Jade and Osidian) to embrace their heritage (as children of Starheart) and accept full power. It is also revealed that the reason Alan Scott was teleported to this realm was because he has in him a portion of Starheart power which Starheart now wants back. The issue ends with Alan giving up his powers and turning back to an old man.

In the third issue, Kyle confronts the Starheart and is easily overwhelmed; it’s obvious that Starheart is much more powerful than Kyle. Starheart grabs Kyle and is about to crush him when Jade agree to accept what Starheart wants, to accept the power and be the Starheart. Starheart then gives Jade a fraction of his powers after accepting which Jade attacks Starheart himself. After a brief battle it’s clear that Jade doesn’t have enough power to match Starheart and the only way to do so is to truly embrace her heritage as a child of the Starheart. Jenny does so, fight and defeats Starheart, restores her father (Alan Scott) to his powers, and exorcises the part of Osidian that Starheart was controlling. In doing so she has used up the power she had gained from Starheart and leaves with Kyle with everything restored as it was.

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