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Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: 3544
Sector Partner: Unknown
Homeworld: Hykraius
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown


On the remote world of Hykraius, lives an intelligent population of methane breathing humanoids, derived from a genetic ancestry of fish and lizard. The Hykraius live in relative seclusion, due mainly to the fact that few off-worlders are able to withstand the toxic atmosphere; revered by the Hykraius as "The Great Mother Ocean".  Such solitude is agreeable to the Hykraius; few leave their home world, as it is difficult for their species to survive outside of the intricate ecosystem found on the planet. However their solitude should not be mistaken for defenselessness. The Hykraius are physically powerful beings, and possess telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Such qualities made the Green Lantern of Hykraius a formidable warrior within the Green Lantern Corps.

Using his power ring, the Green Lantern of Hykraius was able to create a self contained environment that allowed him to function off of his home world. In his one recorded adventure, the Green Lantern of Hykraius showed himself to be a fearless officer. When the homicidal Superboy Prime sped towards Oa with the intention of igniting a second "big bang", the Green Lantern Corps mobilized to stop him from completing his insane quest. The Green Lantern of Hykraius joined forces with the Green Lantern of Sector 885, to attack Prime head on. They paid the ultimate price for this bravery, dying a horrible death. Prime froze the two Lanterns with his cold breath, stunning them momentarily. Before the could free themselves, Prime crashed through their frozen bodies and shattered them like glass.

The Green Lantern of Hykraius' ring took off to Sector 3544 to find a worthy bearer. It's former master is memorialized in the Crypts of Oa alongside the thirty one other Lanterns killed by Prime on that terrible day.

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