Green Lantern: New Guardians #6

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Prepare for Invictus! A being that seemingly has not problem fighting off a whole team of lanterns from different corps.

The Good

This issue contains a buttload of Arkillo being awesome, so I'm already loving it from the first few pages. Arkillo faces off against new baddie Invictus, and quickly learns that just because he's the biggest member of the the New Guardians, that doesn't make him the toughest by any means. The coolest scene is where Arkillo "armors up" and gets blasted in the face by Invictus.

Really cool fight between the two characters, and I found myself loving Tyler Kirkham (pencils), Batt (inks), and Nei Ruffino's (colors) art. I've always really enjoyed Nei Ruffino's colors when ever I get a hold of a book she is on, and this issue is no exception. This is a book that thrives on color, and Ruffino fits the bill, and she has two solid artists working with her as well.

Invictus isn't a normal bad guy, and we get to catch a glimpse of what makes him so different when he does up against Saint Walker who tries to "heal" him. Saint Walker quickly finds out he's not a guy who needs to be healed, since nothing is wrong with him. I love that the Saint Walker now has this power to heal and it really sets his lantern corps apart from the rest.

The Bad

Weak ending. We see Bleez above the planet about to make her decent after chasing Kyle. Not a great ending spot. What's Bleez going to do that the rest of the team couldn't? I'm not saying I want a huge, epic reveal, but I want something that's going to keep me interested and want to continue reading.

I wasn't a fan of Invictus on my first read through of the book. On the second read through, I found him to be a much more interesting character. As of right now, while he looks cool, and I'm interested him, he just feels like every other baddie a Green Lantern has faced: A brute with powers.

The Verdict

I'm still loving this series, and it is my favorite of all the Lantern books. It has a stellar art team, and the splash pages are beautiful. I loved the fight scenes in this issue, especially when they involved Arkillo. Invictus is a cool character, but I had a problem with him on my first read through because I felt he was like every other bad guy the Corps have faced before. Overall, I really like the series and this issue. I recommend it.


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