Green Lantern: New Guardians #4

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Lots going on in this issue as the new Guardians take on the old Guardians after Ganthet reveals his intentions. Then Sayd reveals there is a new threat to the universe.

The Good

Two really cool story reveals in this issue! Ganthet reveals his plans (which I will not spoil), and if this is one of the directions, or sub-plots within upcoming issues, then color me excited! Aside from that plot line the new Guardians learn of a much larger threat entering the universe from a white hole... a rip in time and space. Again, another dynamite set-up to a really cool storyline which I refuse to spoil for all of you. There's actually a third big reveal in the middle of the book involving Kyle and his powers. Again, I'm not spoiling it.

Finally, the Blue Lanterns are worthwhile, other than recharging Green Lanterns. Tony Bedard gives them a bit of a power boost as the blue rings "give you what you need." Essentially, it's different for everyone, but the effects are pretty darn cool.

What this book has done is raised the bar for the other Corps by changing things up a bit. Each Lantern Corps, and their powers, has a bit more personality sprinkled on top of this already amazing cupcake of a book.

The Bad

When does this book take place? If you're reading RED LANTERNS, then you know that Bleez's mind has already been cleared up, so maybe this book takes place before that... or maybe Bleez goes back to being dumb and bloody thirsty, so this book takes place afterwords? I just want to know what timeline this book fits into the other Lantern books.

The Verdict

You have four Lantern books to choose from: GREEN LANTERN, GREEN LANTERN CORPS, NEW GUARDIANS, and RED LANTERNS. If you can only pick two of them, you should read GREEN LANTERN and NEW GUARDIANS, even if you're not a huge Kyle Rayner fan. This book is jam packed with everything a lantern corps fan could want. There's a few really cool plots revealed in this issue, the Blue Lantern Corps' powers have been changed, so they're a bit more useful, and so have the rest of the other corps powers. The only bad part of the book, which is just more confusing than anything is that I don't know when this takes place compared to the RED LANTERNS book. Overall, this is my second favorite of the Lantern books, and I highly recommend it.


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