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A glimpse of things to come

Summary and Scans can be viewed Here

The Good

Cover- Kirkham, Batt & Ruffino turn in a lovely cover showcasing Ganthet and Kyle while all the other coloured lanterns lay at their feet defeated.

Mystery- We all know Kyle is one hundred times the Green Lantern Hal is but why is he a ring magnet? Why can he wield all the power of the emotional spectrum? Sure we know he was Ion at one point and was essentially God but with the recent reboot we have no clue if this is still applicable?! Tony Bedward you have opened the flood gates of never ending questions by putting Kyle in this situation, we salute you and wait on the inevitable explanation!Art- Tyler Kirkham and Harvey Tolibao throw down in the art department and we get some pretty good art complimented by the dynamic colors of Nei Ruffino.

Action- Rejoice comic fans fights abound inside!

The Bad

Slow- Tony Bedward like Brian Michael Bendis is obviously writing for the Trade Paper Back market and thus the story won’t make much sense as a one off tale but only when all pieces are gathered.

The Ugly

Fatality and Kyle together again and heading down a rabbit hole of epic proportions 3/5


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    To be honest I am a little disappointed with this issue.  Out of all the Corps related books thus far in the new 52 this one seemed to have the premise which provided for the most fun, which was the case over the first two issues.  Here though the fun is replaced by the old standby of a Green Lantern story, that being conflict with the Guardians.  As usual their behaviour is not really justifiable beyond serving some greater goal, but as always that goal is not clear.  So instead of a fun action...

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    Color Coated Carnage 0

    The power of the rings.When one man has them all, not even the guardians can stop him. The little imps are nothing......Until they all shatter....then the guardians laugh over your rather exhausted form.The guardians are oddly powerful......okay not oddly powerful but still where's Sodam Yot when you need him to kick their butts?Anyway, lets give a hand to Larfreeze and his dramatic entrance! The power of Avarice is now here......does he have the answers Kyle seeks?Next comic will answer that...

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