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By their rings betrayed! Who – or what – has the might to tear power rings from each of the seven Lantern Corps, murdering their former bearers in the process? And why have the rings all chosen Kyle Rayner as their new master? As members of each Corps target Kyle for death, we learn more about the shocking fate of Ganthet!

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Welcome to the _____ Corps 0

When I first started reading Green Lantern comics about a year ago I always thought the only lantern that I would ever find myself caring for would be Hal Jordan. Kyle Rayner has always been a close second to Jordan, but for me personally he never seemed to have the exact same presence that Jordan did. With the release of Green Lantern New Guardians it seems like I may soon be developing a new appreciation for Rayner. Green Lantern New Guardians #2 leaves off where the last issue did and where W...

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King Kyle 0

This comic is on of my favorite New 52 titles. I LOVE IT!!! The first issue was great and this second issue was NOT a letdown.Just in case you didn't read the first issue, (don't worry, this isn't a spoiler) Green Lantern Kyle Rayner has suddenly become a power ring-magnet. Issue one ended with Kyle being chosen by a ring from each the other ring corps as their new ring bearer, but had yet to put any of them on.As soon as I finished the first issue, I was hoping that Kyle would actually get to p...

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