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Mobius: The End of the Beginning, And The Beginning of the End

I'm conflicted on this cover. It's a really nice cover, the concept and execution are definitely great, Kyle bound by restraints made from every color, and the simplicity works for it. The only problem is that it really doesn't fit this issue at all. Everyone's fine under Kyle, it's Sayd they're all ready to turn on. This cover would've been MUCH better earlier in the series, when they all hated Kyle.

Tyler Krkham's art continues to be excellent, more cartoony than the other Lantern titles, but it fits just fine. The fighting is pretty cool, it may be a short fight, but due to the context that works, and it certainly isn't anticlimactic. What impresses me most, though, is his ability to give crazy aliens like Larfleeze a variety of facial expressions. With a face like his, it can't be an easy task to make him emote so well without being too over-the-top.

I was right about the rebirth of the Yellow Lanterns being a purification. Arkillo may not be fond of his new ring, but it works more like the Blue Lantern ring does. He may not see it yet, but it's actually MORE powerful now than it was before. It can reach into the mind of its target and channel the energy into their greatest fear; without the wearer even consciously thinking about it. It's like the Blue Lantern Ring instinctively creating the best form to channel its power into its target.

This issue has kind of made me realize just how exhaustive this whole first arc has been. Green Lantern's been through almost 3 arcs, and Green Lantern Corps has managed to have two big ones. Red Lanterns mulled about badly, but New Guardians has been working towards this point for a full year. The tale began with the rings being stolen, and now the truth is finally revealed, and everything is connected into it. From the Guardians' madness, to Kyle's temporary rainbow powers, the Reach invasion of Odym, and of course, Larfleeze and Invictus. It's a shorter fight than before, but Invictis' first fight was log enough, and his defeat is satisfying, but possibly brought on but a subplot that seems to be completely unnoticed by everyone else.

It's fitting that this came out after this month's Green Lantern, Red Lanterns, and Green Lantern Corps; because all of the Lantern titles funnel into the upcoming Green Lantern Annual #1, and twist back out into Rise of the Third Army. This issue is a perfect final leap because it elaborates a tiny bit more on the mysterious voice emanating from the rings, and demonstrates that all the color's rings are being affected. Sayd reveals a connection to The Guardians, and really; this issue is just the best final stinger before the event, getting closer to it than the others.

In Conclusion: 4/5

This arc was the big beginning to this team series, and it ends with the team disbanding. It appears that the Zero Issue fittingly will show the origin of a new team, since this arc was the creation of the team already, and the forming of the concept. I'm sure there will be those who will miss various members, but at least we get Carol sporting a reasonable costume. Though I was REALLY hoping for Dex-Starr to be the new representative Red Lantern. This issue had some great ends, and some great beginnings, but certain portions felt off, too much was crammed in, so when, say, The Weaponer stole the Orrery and nobody seemed to care... I mean, yes, it helped them win, but he did knock Munk out of it, doesn't the demonstrate sinister motives? Doesn't Munk think that's relevant that this villain is loose in the universe with a weapon ship the size of a solar system!? But other than that, pretty good.


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