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Guardians and Zamarons

The Guardians and now Zamarons seem to have finally become so insane they can't see they damage they are causing though their own actions, as immortals they don't see life the same way as mortals, (a fact to which may of the lanterns had tried to get they to see.) With Hal and Sinestro missing, the loss of the Blue Lanterns homeworld Odymm, collapse of the Red Lanterns, dismantlement of the Sinestro Corpsmen, Agent Orange's recent activity, destruction of the Alpha Lanterns, changes to the Indigo Tribe and now the Zamarons joining the Guardians by dismantling the Star Sapphires, they may have made a grave error, as now each Corps have been forced to turn to each other to fight and I don't think they Guardians and Zamarons have any hope in hell of stopping their own creations from punishing them, but perhaps its time for some new leaders to take over?


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