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Wow this movie is definitely one of the better comic book animated movies of all time, it had a lot of great action, a lot of great dialogue and was actually pretty true to the character of Green Lantern. Of course I am a big Green Lantern fan and I do know a bit about the character already but this movie isn't just great for the fans of GL but its also great for just average movie watchers. The majority of this movie takes place in space and has a bit of a star wars feel to it but don't let that throw you off because this movie does stay true to the character and has a great tone and feel to it. This movie for me was very enjoyable and I recommend it to you and if you are a true Green Lantern fan you will not want to miss this movie.
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    Not At All Cartoony 0

    One of the best adaptations of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern to the silver screen. The animation is crisp and interesting and this is what Green Lantern should have been doing in the live action film; flying in space, using planets as billiard balls/make-shift weapons, and everything else.What I particularly liked about this one is unlike the live action piece of crap, this animated feature actually had a storyline in it that was fairly compelling. This isn't so much as an origin story but showin...

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    Has gotten better with time. 0

    While performing a flight simulation, test pilot Hal Jordan mysteriously disappears along with the equipment he's manning. He's carried off to a crash site where he encounters a critically wounded alien, whom then offers him a mysterious green ring. The ring fits itself to Jordan's finger transforming him into a green and black clad warrior, in addition the ring also gives him various powers. He soon receives a visit from others wearing the same uniform explaining to him that he's become one of ...

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