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Good Movie

I liked this movie a lot.  I thought it had a good plot; I liked how they included Carol Ferris, the Weaponers of Qward, and so many of the classic Green Lanterns.  There was a fair amount of bad language, which seems characteristic of these DC animated movies; kind of surprising for a kid's movie, but I guess they're trying to make it "cool'.  Hal Jordan's not my favorite Green Lantern either, but I liked how they did Sinestro, Boodikka, and the others.  It's a very entertaining movie, and it does move very quickly.  I would recommend it (except for the language), and I'm excited for the new one: Superman and Batman: Public Enemies.
Posted by TheSavageAssasin

Oh come on!The language isn't a big deal it wasn't even bad and these aren't really aimed at kids thats why they do have bad language and Gory violence like when boodika died

Posted by Wolverine0628

OK, first of all, these are aimed at kids.  It's an animated film about superheroes.  The language may not seem "bad" to you, but as a Christian, it is wrong to me.

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

I am a christian and this is the 21st century i hear worse things walking down the street and also B-Cuz  this is the 21st century not all animation is aimed at kids...thats like saying comic books are just aimed at kids and if it was for kids it would be rated like pg at the  highest not pg-13 and like i said before it wouldn't have gory violence like when Boodikka died

Edited by Wolverine0628

I agree with you that you can hear worse stuff walking down the street.  It's just so entirely unnecessary; they could leave it out without affecting the movie.  I think they just put it in there so that adults can watch it to and not feel stupid.  What they may not realize is that super-hero fanatics would probaby watch it anyway.
Posted by TheSavageAssasin

Yeah they didn't need to include but they did we need not dwell on it so thats all i have to say

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