the_mighty_monarch's Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #5 - Last Will review

Blood Vomit Prophecies (That Would Make an AWESOME Band Name)

The Good: The whole deal with the mind control of the Green Lantern rookies is a bit overplayed, but Tomasi manages to make it interesting here. The way we're introduced to it, and they way we see in depth how far it goes, and especially how Zardor maintains it are all really cool, and makes it feel not so recycled. 
We see some clear differences in the characters personalities that define them. Guy is headstrong and races after the flying rings, Kilowog is secretly very sensitive and parental to the corps, especially the rookies, and is desperate to try to save as many as he can even when they're dead, and Arisa is the realist, knowing loss and consoling. And Bleez hovers around drooling blood. 
What a hardcore method of contacting someone Atrocitus. Seriously, awesome. 
We finally get to see some of what Guy, Ganthet, and Atrocitus' secret pact is. Sort of. 
That wall of blood? Awesome. 
The prophecy made by said wall of blood, both awesome and interesting. 
The Bad: TOO MUCH BEATING AROUND THE BUSH. We know WHY Guy made the pact, but seriously, what exactly is it? That they have to kill the source of the drain? I just don't get what was so fear-of-alienation terrible about the pact that Guy felt so ashamed for. 
Not a whole lot actually happened in this issue.  
So, what's going to happen next? Does Guy have to abandon his mission to explore the uncharted sectors? I mean, according to his pact I think he does. Although we don't exactly KNOW what his secret pact truly is so who the hell knows?
In Conclusion: 4/5 
Emerald Warriors is still a fantastic series, and a great 3rd ongoing for Green Lantern. I love how well the characters are explored and how they interact with each other, I just wish they'd stop teasing us so much with 'Guy's terrible secret pact.' Explain  it already, you've been teasing us too much with it and it's getting old.


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