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Review: Emerald Warriors #5

The secret of Guy's pact with Atrocitus is revealed just as his unit of Honor Lanterns are arrested by rookies mistaking them for the Sinestro Corps.

The Good

I'm always impressed by how Tomasi infuses this outer space with such grand emotion and philosophical weight. In this issue, he puts Kilowog into the absolute worst position he could ever be in - - both physically and emotionally - - and that's exactly what a dramatist is supposed to do. Pasarin is just lush, too, and I appreciate his attention to even little details like the GLs' skin getting pressed against the "glass" of their construct cages.

The Bad

While I love how it harkens back to the entrails-reading of ancient augury, Guy's prophetic vision feels like it's coming too close to the last prophetic vision that foretold Blackest Night. If it's something that's addressed as being a curse that many GLs suffer at the claws of demons of the Five Inversions (Guy seeing it from Atrocitus just as Abin Sur saw it from Quill) then I can buy it but, as is, it feels a little like double-dipping.

The Verdict - 4/5

I'm quite excited about seeing how this current storyline with the emotional entities plays out. Thus, I appreciate how this arc complements what's going on in the main Green Lantern title without necessarily being dependent on it. There was some skepticism about this book finding a unique identity as it went along and I can confidently say it has with this focus on the elite GLs - - it is, in fact, my favorite GL book.
Posted by Dark Noldor

"double dipping" was hilarious
I guess Guy has some different connection
since he used to be a Red Lantern, what could
explain his phrofecies.
Massafera cover is awesome, isn´t it?
Pasarin is a hell of an artist
Great review

Posted by longbowhunter

This is my favorite GL book too. Sorry Geoff! I loved the bloody vision splash page towards the end. Beautiful! By the way does Arisia give anyone else a mean hard-on? Just wondering.
Posted by The Mighty Monarch
@longbowhunter said:
" This is my favorite GL book too. Sorry Geoff! I loved the bloody vision splash page towards the end. Beautiful! By the way does Arisia give anyone else a mean hard-on? Just wondering. "
Normally she's not exactly my type, but in that opening page with her boobs pressed up on the glass in Pasarin's art? Let's just say even Bleez looked hot there.
Edited by longbowhunter
@The Mighty Monarch:
Agreed! I spent way too much time looking at that page. Pasarin's art is so damn clean! From the line work to proportions. The man has a solid grip on the human and inhuman form. Come to think of it maybe it was just his art giving me a boner.
Posted by JonesDeini

Might have to check out this series

Posted by Joe Venom

If you can't beat them puke on them.....ok so that is not the moral of the story but I am enjoying bit of this series, and with Zardor being able to control rookies things are going to get crazy.
@longbowhunter: .............yes

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