guardiandevil801's Green Lantern Emerald Knights review

A Great Green Lantern Movie!!!!!

The next DC Universe animated movie is awesome. I liked how they told the stories of Abin Sur, Kilowag, Laira, Mogo, Avra and the battle of Krona. Each story is different, but each one gives you a good telling of the story and see how they were during the story. My favorite tales are Klowag, Laira and the first green lantern Avra because these were really great and showed the charcters in tough situations, but also learning who they are during the battles. The movie is amazing and cast did a great job with it. Overall, I'm giving it a 4.5/5 because the stories are amazing, has a great cast and really showed incredible action during the movie. This is a great movie and fans should get this to see some lanterns you never heard or seen before and find what will happen to them.


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