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Captain Harold “Hal” Jordan, a down on his luck test pilot for Ferris Aircraft has lost his flight clearance, his air force career, his dignity, and his woman. Still haunted by the heroic death of his legendary father, and with his life spiraling out of control, Jordan turns to alcohol to drown his problems.

While driving his friends back from the bar, Jordan is overwhelmed by the memories of his recent failures. Increasing his speed with each flash of shame the drunken Jordan misjudges a sharp turn around a nearby billboard. Jordan’s jeep rolls, leading to injuries to all; the most devastating, the paralysis of Jordan’s close friend Andy.

Awaking in the hospital Jordan faces criminal charges and the end of his life as a pilot. While discharged from the hospital and on limited simulator duty, Jordan is engulfed by a glowing green light. The simulator is ripped from its moorings and drawn to the desert. During the impossible journey, Jordan is bombarded with images of a universal peace keeping force; the Green Lantern Corps.

Finally landing, Jordan meets Abin Sur the mortally wounded Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Chosen for his “ability to overcome great fear” Jordan is bequeathed the aliens power ring. The alien dies amazed at a human joining the ranks of the Corps.

Filled with a renewed sense of bravado yet still unaware of the full scope of this power, Jordan takes flight and focuses his pent up rage on the yellow billboard he blamed for his crash. Intent on destroying it, Jordan slams into the billboard without effect; knocking himself cold. Jordan’s problems are just beginning as the creature responsible for Abin Sur’s death is coming.

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Green Lantern starts here! 0

Forget your Brightest Dayseses, your Blackest Nightseses, your orange, blue and pink power rings, your Kyle(who?)'s.  This IS Green Lantern - and his name is Hal Jordan.  Test pilot for Ferris Aircraft. Well, he was anyway. That was before he got fired, lost his girlfriend to his enemy, got drunk, crashed his car when he couldn't see past an ill-placed billboard, paralyzed his best friend - oh yeah, and he's still haunted by the death of his father. That is until a strange green force drags him ...

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Converted Marvel Fan 0

When I was growing up I was normally a Marvel fan, but somehow this series got my attention.  It tells the story of how Hal Jordan got his ring.  You don't need any previous knowledge to enjoy this series, just dive in and don't let go.  I don't know if the main enemy in the series is from previous books or encounters, but they are well done and fit nicely as the nemesis for Hal.  My main problem with this story is that someone from Hollywood hasn't turned this into an epic movie.  Green Lantern...

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