The Lantern Corps Positions

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For years (decades even) the Green Lantern Corps has been described as space police, their job is to promote order and enforce laws of various planets and the laws laid down by the Guardians of the Universe. But now each color of the emotional spectrum has their own corps now and each corps has its own purpose, what would you say each corps' position is.
The Sinestro Corps was assembled to cause fear in others, trying to create order through terror makes them terrorists and the perfect antithesis to the Green Lantern Corps.
The Red Lantern Corps is somewhat similar even though their emotion is personal rage they would probably cause fear in their opponents like the Sinestro Corps so they could be called terrorists too.
Each Blue Lantern sort of represents a religion and are the most religious people in their sector, the Hope Entity, Adara, is supposed to have come into being the first time a sentient being prayed during a terrible storm. The Blue Lanterns also work in a support sort of role to the Green Lanterns, their rings work to their fullest capacity when in proximity to a Green Lantern ring and they continually charge Green Lantern rings. I would almost call them space firefighters. When a sun was going out two Blue Lanterns were able to channel the hope of the inhabitants to revitalize it. So they are part religious order part rescue workers like firefighters.
Why aren't Blue Lanterns space Paramedics? Because that is sort of what the Indigo Lanterns and Star Sapphire's do. Sure a Blue Lantern can restore a person who has been infected by Red Ring or even break mental control that makes them a bit more of a space psychologist. Star Sapphires represent love and were helpful in purging a Red Lantern Ring infection and helped heal people during Blackest Night. 
Indigo Lanterns represent compassion and have healed and hurt, they can even channel the powers of any of the other Lantern Corps as well. But there is something unique to the Indigo Tribe, they are seemingly given the rings and staffs of the Indigo Tribe not because they feel compassion so strongly but because they did not feel it in their previous lives. It has been shown with Black Hand and hinted at with Indigo 1 that being an Indigo Lantern is a sentence not a calling. Beings who were not compassionate in life are forced to spread compassion through the universe when they join the Indigo Tribe. So they are sort of the work release criminals of the DC universe.
Then there's the Orange Lantern Larfleeze.....well he's just greedy.

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Nice analysis :) 
The Larfleeze comment got a chuckle out of me xP

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Blue Lantern's FTW

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