The First Lantern

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For months now, In each of the three Green Lantern books the Guardians have spoken about revealing new laws of Oa. The final law is the Guardians plan to eliminate the Green Lantern Corps with their third army (first being Manhunters, second being GLC), which has yet to be revealed, by released the First Lantern. Who, or what, do you think the First Lantern is and what do you think their third army will be?

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I thought the first lantern was raker qarrigat? Or at least, the first lantern was from his era. 

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@DcMarvelUnity said:

I thought the first lantern was raker qarrigat? Or at least, the first lantern was from his era.

That's what I thought as well, seems as if Johns and DC might be changing GL history a bit.

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