strongest minded green lantern

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the idea is that, the strongest minded  a green lantern is, the most powerful his attacks are... 
but which green lantern has the strongest mind? 

Infected by Parallax
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BIG bump

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Hal Jordan.

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Human Wise, Jon Stewart.

I have no idea including the whole Corps as there are so many of them.

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Isn't there a Green Lantern who stayed on Apokolips and fought against the reign of Darkseid for millions of years?

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I think it comes down to the two previously Ion-powered corps members Kyle Rayner and Sodam Yat. As a Daxamite, he has Superman-like abilities as well as the infinite Ion powers. Kyle has the Ion powers plus the Starheart powers at one point. These powers are not necessarily due their minds, so I think Sodam is the strongest-minded and has been prophesied as the greatest lantern ever.

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not Hal Jordan

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As much as I like to say Hal or Kyle... I'm going to have to say John Stewart because his constructs are amongst the most powerful. As noted by many, Stewart's constructs are never hollow. He builds them from the inside out, down to the last nut and bolt. That takes alot of will.

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its an old topic but i had ti reply cuz i seen some crazy stuff in here

the count for human lanterns is pretty simple

1.Hal Jordan- simply as it gets he destroyed single handadly the green lantern corps,killed all the guardians but 1 , beat up the entire justice league alone (prior to killing the corp) you need to understand all this dun was dun as Hal Jordan under the influence of pharalex correct but he did it with his own powers there for he is the strongest lantern that ever existed

2. kyle Rayner - was selected as the last lantern after Hal Jordan killed every other lantern with the last power ring created from the remnants of Hal's old ring

and at a certain point was assumed (possessed) by Ion the great Will entity called Ion

you people need to understand he is not Ion not "has" the power of Ion

Ion is a will power entity that is manifested via the green lantern kyle rayner but again he was selected after the corp was destroyed such a high expectation comes from a place

3.Guy Gardner - when Hal was selected by the ring Guy was the other option Hal being elected only since he was closer

pretty much earns him quick 3rd place since he was suppose to be a lantern should he was closer then Hal to Abin Sur crush site

and acted as Hal's Lantern replacement until he got hit by a bus trying to save a student

4.John Stewart - was the Lantern replacement of Hal Jordan After Guy Gardner

not much to say about him really he was a replacement not even a "near chosen" one

5. Alan - seriously guys i dont know what you are talking about

1. he is not even part of the green lantern corps he is not a Green lantern like the rest

even tho it was eventually mentioned that the "ring" was lost on earth years ago yada yada

the original comics states otherwise

2. he cannot do anything against wood or any other plant type material

meaning if you assault him with a club you will pass right thru any of his constructs

he is pretty a dead beat in jungle area's and such

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