new green lantern in the new #1 issue!!

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seriously, no one is talking about this? really? who could it be?
here is the solicit for the new green lantern book: 
"The red-hot GREEN LANTERN team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke introduce an unexpected new Lantern." 
i dont read too much green lantern at this point, but i think i may pick up the new #1 issue and see what this is all about. someone new, a new start of something im guessing we havent seen yet.
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could be any type of lanterns

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The Green Lantern property is one of "my books" if you know what I mean. It's a series I have always loved and will always follow, but I approach this as I said I will approach this revamp as a whole, with skepticism. I do respect and enjoy Johns, and this could be a great prospect, but I still cling to my Hal Jordan issues and eye the changes with suspicion.

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Cmon Kid Lantern Cmon Kid Lantern Cmon Kid Lantern Cmon Cmon Cmon

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