If I Relaunched Green Lantern

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The word relaunch is included in a shameless attempt to get people to read this blog. Think of this as my versions of Green Lantern and related characters. Any version of the DC Universe that I created would have the elements of racial diversity, prominent female characters, and the normal passage of time.

Naming Conventions

For my versions of female characters I usually have them keep their maiden name when married and pass on their maiden name to their daughters. For example, Rose Canton would still be Rose Canton after marrying Alan Scott and their daughter would have the name Jennifer-Lynn Canton.

The Guardians of the Universe

The Maltusians would never have split into the Oans, Zamarons, and Controllers. Krona would be a good guy. His two main contributions to Maltusian civilization would be the discovery that alternate universes/timelines are a normal part of existence and the creation of the seven Lantern Corps’ to bring order to the 3600 sectors of the Galaxy. The seven Lantern Corps would protect the galaxy from cosmic threats such as Mongal, Imperiex, Despero, Queen Bee, Starro, and the King of Tears. I would have the Spectre be the Guardians’ most powerful agent of order/justice/wrath. Eclipso would be the most powerful agent of the Black Lantern Corps.

Lanterns of Sector 2814

Abin Sur (Green Lantern until 1951) would be married to Iroque (Indigo Lantern). Their son would be Amon Sur (Indigo Lantern, 1970s to Mid 1980s). Abin Sur’s sister Arin Natu (Blue Lantern until 1951) would be married to Thaal Sinestro (Yellow Lantern until 1951). Their daughter would be Soranik Natu (Yellow Lantern, 1970s to Mid 1980s). Soranik Natu would be married to John Stewart (Blue Lantern, 1970s to Mid 1980s). Their son would be Richard “Rex” Stewart (Yellow Lantern, the Present).

Jose Hernandez (Yellow Lantern, Mid 1950s to 1960s) would be married to Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire). Their children would be Jacinto Hernandez (Star Sapphire, Mid 1980s to 1990s) and Jennifer Ferris (Yellow Lantern).

Alan Scott (Star Sapphire, 1940s to Mid 1950s) would be married to Rose Canton (Thorn). Their children would be Todd James Scott (Star Sapphire, 1970s to Mid 1980s) and Jennifer-Lynn Canton (Green Lantern). Todd James Scott would be married to Al Rothstein (Red Lantern). Jennifer-Lynn Canton would be married to Henry King Jr. (Brainwave). Their daughter would be Nicole “Nicki” Canton (Green Lantern, the Present).

Ibn Rayner (Blue Lantern, the Present) would be married to Alexandra DeWitt (Red Lantern). Their daughter would be Cary DeWitt. Jillian Pearlman would be Star Sapphire in the present.

Coast City

Coast City would be the home of most of the Lantern Corps’ members from Earth. It would also be the home of Daily Planet analogue Global Broadcasting, owned by Alan Scott. During the 1950s Coast City would be protected by Sportsman (Lawrence Crock) and his wife Tigress (Paula Brooks). Their daughter would be Artemis Brooks (Tigress II). In the 1980s, Artemis Brooks would protect Coast City along with her husband Cameron Mahkent (Icicle II). In the present their daughter Doyle Brooks (Icicle III) would protect Coast City.

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These are some pretty massive changes. Two questions:

1) What would be the Specter's origin? He obviously couldn't be an agent of God, otherwise how would the Guardians control him?

2) How would all the Lantern corps get along? I doubt that Larfleez would want to help people while under the influence of the orange lantern, and it seems that the Blue lanterns and Yellow lanterns conflict a little (Hope/Fear). These are just two examples.

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I would dump the orange, Indigo, Blue, & Violet lantern corps. Just have good green, evil Yellow, & red so bad the other two have to work together to stop them.

Alan Scott would be GL. Kyle his deputy side-kick. Maybe move Arissa's race into sector 2814 & have her also as Al's girl side-kick.

Hal on a silver age Earth-1

The golden age Alan on earth-2

Guy on E5

John with the Freedom Fighters

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