Green Lantern the animated Seris Ep. 14 "New Guy

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I watched the return episode of Green Lantern and at first I question the addition of Guy Gardner until i saw the episode to the end. Now granted like always Gradner is a @$$ but later on you do see the point in having him he had his moments when he and Hal bumb heads even to the point of them going at it and the times where he and Hal can relate to the hard life the comes with wearing that little green ring. Personally i see that the two get along for brief periods in the rest of the season and more times where Hal going to give him another punch to face. But i want to ask you wants your idea on having Guy Gardner on the show? PASS OR FAIL?

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I think he has a lot to contribute to the show, and his fans don't get to see him on tv all that often so why the heck not?

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