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Pick a color, a emotion, a oath, powers, weaknesses, and even a symbol or an origin sttory if you want! For example, mine is:

Color/Name: Platinum Lanterns Emotion: Peace

Origin: Some members of the Green, Blue and Compassion Lantern Corps along with a Guardian from the Blue and Green Corps, came together once to create a new corps to help maintain order and justice. By combining the colors of Green, Blue and Indigo and the emotions of Will, Hope and Compassion, they discovered the Platinum power of Peace. After finding the element, making a battery and forging rings, this new corps was made and remains an important friend and ally to the three corps that came together to create it.

Oath: When Hope burns bright through blackest night,

No evil escapes my Will's sight,

These combined with Compassion's might,

Makes Peace...Platinum's light!

Powers: A Platinum Lantern ring has all the same powers of Blue, Green and Indigo rings but is much, MUCH stronger due to it's three components.

Weaknesses: Platinum/Peace has no large weak points since the three other elements/emotions that create it support and compliment each other so well but it is very slightly weak to Rage and Greed.

Symbol: (ignore the PL, stands for Platinum Lantern, is not part of the symbol)

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Opps sorry at the beginning of the origin I meant the Blue, Green and Indigo Lantern Corps. I was thinking of the emotion instead of the name sorry. :)

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Color: Grey (Colored Mirrored Silver)

Emotion: Thrill

Oath: "Taking chances, condoning risk.

When evil arrives, oh so brisk.

Indulge temptations and feed your desires

For when thrill takes over, evil never prospires."

Powers: Grey lanterns have all the basic powers of Flight, Protective Aura and Hard Light Constructs.

Their special power however is to see their opponents weaknesses and soft spots and instantely be able to use it against them.

Weaknesses: No major weakness, just the standard ones of keeping the ring charged but Red Lanterns' plasma can pierce their constructs.

Symbol: It's a diamond shape with a circle in the middle of it

Special Notes: It is a very exclusive Corps, to be chosen you have to be in perfect peak-level condition and must have glowing, radiant health, after being chosen however, the ring will keep you from becoming out of shape, ill etc.

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Rainbow lantern corp all rage everything all of the above the are powerful the are all lantern corps withlers the will all . the oath is in dark time fun yes sometime war is the answer the problem. the symbol is a heart

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