Review: Green Lantern Corps #49

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Kyle, Sora and Ganthet must come to John's rescue after his investigation of the Alpha Lanterns puts him in the hands of the Cyborg Superman.

The Good

I'm glad to see that, even though Blackest Night has concluded satisfactorily, there's still interesting stories to tell about how the Guardians and the Corps are dealing with its lingering issues. The notion of green representing will divorced from emotion and how the Gaurdians' agenda relates that to interpersonal GL relationships (and the potential fall-out with Sora over Kyle's lingering feelings for Jade,) the failure of the Manhunters and the potential failure of the Alpha Lanterns continues to set a very engaging context for this space opera. I'm also enjoying the police procedural quality that Bedard's given to John and Kyle's tactics here. Syaf's art matches that specific tone, as well, putting hard-edged grime and detail on even the most out-of-this-world phenomena.

The Bad

I was able to call the revelation about the Cyborg Superman from the first page; from the first panel, even. I don't feel like writing that here is a spoiler, because the reveal is obvious to anybody who's read any issue of a Green Lantern title over the past couple years. He just keeps showing up, actually, and I'm hoping that there's going to be some sort of twist this time, because having him manipulate the Alpha Lanterns like this is running a little too close to that storyline where he manipulated the Manhunters, which wasn't even that long ago.

The Verdict - 4/5

Under Tomasi and Gleason, Green Lantern Corps was my favorite book at DC for years, so Bedard and Syaf have big shoes to fill. While they haven't blown me away just yet, they are just starting off and I'm confident that this book is in good hands. I'm a little leery about this storyline with Cyborg Superman running too familiar, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that'll put a worthwhile twist on him.
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I guess it's good that they're still acknowledging the Alphas existence when they really seemed to be a bit part shoehorned in because of Final Crisis, but I think the writers still don't really know what to do with them.

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Still passing on green lantern comics until hector Hammond and the male star sapphire. Emerald warriors I was going to get but those damn red lanterns keep showing up cause I am not a fan of the red lanterns. 

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I thought this was an average issue. I loved Tomasi and Gleason's run but so far am not digging Bedard and Syaf's run. Bedard does a good job writting Ganthet, Kyle, and Soranik but John Stewart is just a boring character and Bedard just shows how boring he is. Also while I loved Syaf's art on Blackest Night: Batman I am not a fan of his work here. I think his art style fits more with a Batman book instead of a cosmic book like Green Lantern Corps.

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