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Sector 2261.142 M, Mogo has reported that there is a military incursion in his sector and has requested assistance. Due to Mogo's relative immobility, he and his sister, has a need for the Green Lantern Corps to help remove the war from them.

The Thanagarian army is approaching Mogo and is seeking replenishment of their resources. Due to the current war between them and the Rannian armies, they expect the Rann army to be close behind.

Back on Oa, Kilowog is about to begin training of the new recruits. Due to the current crisis with Mogo, Kilowog decides to call Vath and Isomot Kol on a special assignment. They are to be sent ahead to represent their species and calm down the approaching war. They are granted a temporary badge and promised if they are to pull this off they will be fully fledged Green Lanterns. In addition to sending the rookies, Kilowog also sends Kyle, Guy, Stel, and "Green Man" to assist in this manner.

The Lanterns travel to Mogo and begin to assist. Their manner of assisting is to begin to destroy all the weapons in the battle. While this was effective, it wasn't very efficient. They weren't getting the job done fast enough and then decided to go straight for the source. They captured each sides leaders and put them in a bubble to "settle their differences". They bow down and agree to lay down their arms and vacate the sector.

As they are cleaning up, a "hospital vessel of Okaara" comes into the system and requests aid. They are directed to pass through the sector and continue on their journey. The star in that system has been deemed unstable and it may supernova at any moment. They immediately disobey and after seeing a Thanagarian in their presence, they begin to open fire.

Back on Mogo, the Lanterns head to the surface to investigate a distress signal. Kyle is searching for the call when he comes across Alex. They begin talking and then Kyle hears the call for help again. He looks up into the sky can sees Soranik Natu trapped in the trees above.

Just as the Okaarian vessel opens fire, the star begins to form a "gravity sink" and escape looks improbable for the vessel or the Lanterns. Isomot orders his ring to begin to pull the hospital ship out of the gravity sink. It appears that he is not strong enough and orders his life support aura to divert all energy towards helping him pull, the ring declines. Seeing his need for help Vath also adds his strength into play. Kilowog near this disaster rushes into help. He cannot see the rookies and begins the search for them.

Back on Mogo, they realize that Sornaik is not on Mogo but infact on Vega which is off limits to the Corps from a long lasting pact. Some suggest heading back to Oa to consult the Guardians if it is alright to break the pact and head into Vega. Guy and Kyle disagree and--Green Lantern Corps memeber or not--decide to travel there to save her.

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