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Tarkus Whin's first day of the job, the main star in his sector begins to go unstable. Therefore, he wants to begin evacuation of 1417.196.E, the fifth planet from their sun. He's too late and the sun begins to transform into a black hole and he gets sucked in an perishes.

Back on Edwards Air Force Base, Guy decides to pay Hal a visit-while he's in the middle of a test flight. Guy brings news that recruitment for the Corps is in 'overdrive' and that the Guardians have requested Guy and Kyle in person. They discuss who they think is the best Lantern.

In the JLA's Watchtower, Kyle is speaking to the JLA about his involvement in the Green Lantern Corps. He's shortly met by Guy Gardner who has a rather interesting meeting with Batman. Shortly afterwards, Guy and Kyle leave for their meeting on Oa with the Guardians.

On Korugar, Dr. Soranik Natu is performing brain surgery on a patient. During the surgery she is met by a green power ring who has chosen her to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps. She abruptly declines and asks the ring to leave. Just as she does this the patient's condition declines and she is nearing the brink of losing them. She puts on the ring and orders it to perform the necessary difficult task of bringing the patient back to stable condition--now a member of the Corps.

Now on Rann, Vath Sarn is in the middle of a battle against the Thanagarian Vultures. During the battle he is greeted by a Green Power Ring who has selected him to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Facing a devistating loss against the Thanagarians he puts on the ring willing to do whatever it takes to win the war. Unknowingly once he puts on his ring he is transported back to Oa for boot camp.

Elsewhere on that same planet, Isamot Kol is about to be executed for admitedly killing an officer in the act of surrendering his troops. Just as he is about to die, a green power ring slips on his finger and saves his life. He is transported back to Oa for training in the Green Lantern Corps.

On Oa, Kilowog begins training the new recruits, or "rookies" to be members of the Green Lantern Corps. Just as the class begins, Soranik Natu states her distain from the Corps and asks if she can leave. Salakk, dictates the three ways that someone can leave the Corps. After hearing about them she decides to take the consequences and orders the ring to take her back to her homeworld.

Kyle and Guy approach Salakk to get their assignment, they are to helo Kilowog train the new recruits. Enraged by this assignment, Guy rushes into see the Guardians personally. When speaking to the Guardians they reiterate their assignment--to help train the rookies.

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