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3 hours later, Guy is still incapacitated and trying to recuperate. R'amey's spirit leaves her body and heads to help save Guy. She lifts him up and heads for space. R'amey can sense Daggle on Earth so they decide to head there. With only one ring remaining between them--at full power--it would take them about a day and a half to get there. So withiout any other alternatives they decide to travel there in an unconventional way--through a blackhole.

On Earth, Darkseid is visited by The Dominator. Darkseid warns Dominator not to get in his way. The Dominator suggests Darkseid to join forces with him and his apostle. Just as he says this, he realizes that his apostle is not with him.

Daggle steps into the mix and notifys The Dominator that he has removed his apostle from existence whichi ensues a fight. The Dominator shoots a blast toward Daggle and in order to dodge it, he transfroms into a bacterium.

Emmerging out of the black hole, R'amey directs Guy to head for the surface to meet up with Daggle. Guy comes into join the battle between Daggle and The Dominator. Without every any question, the Lanterns are victorious and take The Dominator into custody. Daggle drops Guy off at Earth and gives him a few days off while the black power wears off. Just before Daggle heads off to deliver The Dominator to justice, he tells Guy that he has a visitor. R'amey wanted to wish him a goodbye and gives him a hug. Just after this happens Daggle wipes Guy's memory so nothing can be recalled...

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To a darker future 0

This story arc which started well does not end with as much gusto.  Guy and R'Amey are still on the Dominators' world where she has just hatched from a cocoon like structure and where he is without any capacities as his mind has been left blank.  Meanwhile the dominator and his ally are searching first for the justice League and then for Superman.  There is an interesting twist here which I didn't see coming, and the arrival of the other two was well handled, but still it felt like this series a...

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