the_mighty_monarch's Green Lantern Corps #8 - Alpha-War review


Guy Gardner.

That's the reason this issue's great.... Mostly. There's other stuff. Fernando Pasarin delivers some nice solid artwork as usual, for starters. The cover's slightly annoying for depicting only a single moment, and not one too related to the arc; but for some reason I can't muster up strong feelings about it. I just kind of like it overall for some reason.

The Alpha Lanterns make their dastardly return to the forefront. They show a much creepier side, observing the rest of the corps with nigh omniscience. It's entirely possible that they have more knowledge of the Corps' going-ons than the Guardians themselves, and they've been given full autonomy to function as the department of internal affairs. They seem to answer only to themselves.

Speaking of which, The Guardians give Guy Gardner the respect he deserves. It's a little out of character for them, but considering what's been going on with them, the idea is a combination of creepy due to the uncertainty of their motives; and pride for Guy Gardner getting the spotlight in universe. And he doesn't even get super obnoxious about it. Sure he's kind of smug about being proven that he's usually right; but only to the degree that he's earned. I can't WAIT to see how this plays out.

And John Stewart's background in architecture continues to be a big part of his character, which is awesome. Plenty of superheroes are former soldiers in a way that works into their exploits; architects are much rarer. Plus, the consequences of what he did on the Keeper's world aren't over; and are leading into something much bigger.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

Another solid issue. It was a little on the short side, but strong characterization shined bright. It could've used a little more spotlighting of other corps members, but what was done with JS and GG in this issue was so strong I can't help but love it. This series is headed in a much more positive direction following the flashy and inconsistent Keepers arc, and is worth the funds of any Green Lantern fan; especially one of Guy or John.

Posted by longbowhunter

This book doesn't get a lot of attention but I really like it. Fernando Pasarin's art is always killer and Guy and John happen to be my two favorite Earth lanterns. I agree this was a great Guy Gardner issue.

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