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Poor Delivery for this Conclusion

Okay, I can honestly say I was not impressed with this issue.  'Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns' was wrapped up way too quickly.  There was easily one more issue of story left to tell.  I think the only saving grace was that part of the issue was told from Boodikka's perspective.  'Revolt' is clearly a tale trying to mix the action of the Green Lantern Corps with the philosophy of transhumanism.  Don't get me wrong.  The first issues of this story arc were great, but I expected more from the ending. 
Storywise - The whole issue seemed to be rushed.  The scenes involving Henshaw and Ganthet were clunky.  Stel's need to be reassembled yet again is getting tiresome.  I don't know if it's an in-joke or what but how many times does this make it now? Why doesn't this guy get some nanobots to rebuild himself?   And Hannu being impressed by John's use of the ring?  That was slightly off, but it was interesting.
But, as I said before, the portrayal of Boodikka was a nice touch.  I wish her perspective had been used more and more in-depth.  I mean, the woman was turned into a machine and then regained her sense of self and all she was relegated to was cheering on her teammates for the most part.  If the writer knew he was going to focus on Boodikka for an issue, then it would have been nice to have been given an idea on what the character was going through.  Boodikka has a sister in the Corps, too, so having Zale involved would have made the issue stand out. 
One thing I was pretty disappointed in is that we didn't find out any further info on the entity thief.  Why have this person involved when so little is known about him/her?  Why did this person help Henshaw?  Some inkling of forward motion involving this mystery character would have been nice.  As far Henshaw is concerned, I think he'll be back in some form or another.   
Other than the above, the story was good - but if you're going to involve a large number of characters, even a little bit of character development works wonders.

Posted by Dark Noldor

Nice review, I just don´t agree that it needed one more issue: bringing Cyborg Super Man again wasn´t in my opinion the best way to kickstart a new arc in the GL Corps, so I´m glad that it´s over; I didn´t liked the fact that he was in some way able to dominate the Alpha Lanterns, that wasn´t well explained. The man with the shield will be the main character in the next issues, so that´s gonna be good, I hope so

Posted by ASKwhy
@Dark Noldor: Well, the character of Cyborg Superman wasn't an issue with me, but the theme of someone controlling a group of others was a bit of a turn off.  We had Nekron and the Black Lanterns in Blackest Night, then Cyborg Superman and the Alpha Lanterns, and currently the new villain in Emerald Warriors using mind control.  I would really like to get back to seeing villains doing things themselves.  So, yeah, I gotta agree to hopefully seeing a good story with the Weaponer from Qward.
Posted by Havenless80

I didn't really get the ending.  The lanterns destroy Cyborg Superman's body and he transfers himself to Boodikka.  His consciousness fights Boodikka's consciousness and she "kills" him.  Her will power overcomes him.  But if he is pure can't destroy him.  He would still be inside of Boodikka.  But they just skip over that and go right to the weak ass happy ending of all the Alpha's being repaired and Boodikka and Ganthet becoming Honor Guard.  All this great story build up and this is the ending to the story arc?  I expected so much more.  Cyborg Superman is such a great villain, but was represented very poorly during this whole story arc.  Of course no one really dies in comics so he will be back soon.  Hopefully their is better execution with the next story.  

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