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Completely Satisfying

This issue was simply amazing.  After all the action of Blackest Night, it was nice to just settle down and get acquainted with the characters again.  This is what an epilogue should be.  It shows the aftermath of Blackest Night on Oa and in the Corps instead of hopping on to the next story arc. 
The character interaction was terrific with characters picking each other up from their bootstraps and pushing them forward being the main focus.  And that's what it should be.  Blackest Night is war story and along with accepting the casualties, you still need to embrace the future. 
The status quo is definitely changing, though the Guardians don't seem to think so.  I enjoyed Salaak's proclamation to the blue boys and even Arisia's scene.  However, I get the feeling the Corps is still walking on eggshells around these guys, like they're afraid they'll be struck down by the Almighty.  Characters are indeed stating their minds but they're also holding back.  I would say there needs to be more passion behind their release of opinions. 
But still, it was a great issue.  Vath and Isamot are faves of the writer, if not fans as well and they get some time to wrap up their story, though it may seem a bit forced.  Kilowog's decision was definitely surprising but is understandable.  It'll be interesting to see him in his new position and how long it will last.  The best parts of the issue were Guy and Kyle and Kyle and Soranik.  The interactions within the two pairs show that they're not only teammates but friends and the way they help each other move forward is inspiring.  
As for the art, it was good.  Not the best I've seen but good enough.  Heads seemed to be bigger than they should be with nearly everyone having doe eyes.  But the details in panels depicting background and scenery was beautiful.  As well, the close up of Salaak during his rebuttal to the Guardians was a grand treat. 
All in all, this was a satisfying read.  The issue really did close out Blackest Night and, while setting a few things in motion story-wise, didn't get bogged down with trying to set up events for Brightest Day - though hints can be picked up on in what's read and not shown.  I'm looking forward to what's to come.

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