haydenclaireheroes's Green Lantern Corps #24 - Lights Out, Part Two: Oa's Last Stand review

The Fait of OA

Here is my video review for Green Lantern Corps issue 24. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below. Here is the link for my video review:



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    Oa's death 0

    After the destruction of the power battery last issue. We see the repercussions of Relic's assault on Oa and how the lanterns try to escape.The GoodI am enjoying the story throughout this mini event and this issue just continues the good and enjoyable story form the last issue. The writing continues to impress and the scene with the lanterns led by John Stewart leading a charge against Relic was a great scene, and the lanterns even hurting Relic was an enjoyable. Hal finally taking charge of th...

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    Green Lantern Corps 24: Lights Out, Part Two: Oa's Last Stand 0

    The second installment of Light's Out is here and has made its way into the second of the five Green Lantern titles.The issue begins with Oa appearing to deteriorate as Relic calls for the lanterns to succumb to his demands of a surrender. Naturally, though, Hal leads the lanterns into an assault against Relic, where no amount of constructs seem to be harming Relic. Instead, Relic easily whacks them away.Probably too much.As Hal begins to brainstorm a way to regroup and commence another attack, ...

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