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Lost perspective

The pacing here is weird, this is the second part to story arc which started three issues previously (that is to say there was a two part story arc in the middle.)  Despite this though, this issue was loads of fun (all you have to do is remember that Mongul was the villain previously.)  Essentially it is a return to all the Green Lantern Corps members that this series has done such a good job of detailing.  Guy, Iolande, Soranik, Isamot and Vath are back and in addition there are the Lanterns from the Sinestro Corps War who are still fresh in our memories - Kyle, Arisia and Sodam.  This bascially has a great setup as the Lanterns venture into the Vegan system looking for Sinestro Corps rings.  What they find is not what they expect, and with Sodam and Arisia gone missing the remainder gather to discover what has happened.  Pretty fun and the series feels like it is back on track now.  


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