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When deadly conflicts emerge across the universe, it's up to Guy Gardner, John Stewart and an elite Green Lantern strike force to keep the peace – or else.

Guy Gardner and John Stewart try to get day jobs on Earth and it just doesn't go well. Later, the two talk about why they chose not to wear masks like Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner do. They then go to Oa to find that someone is killing Lanterns and they volunteer to check it out bringing a group of ring slingers with them.

The enemy they face is unseen but has the ability to cut people, including Lanterns, in half without being seen. He/She also wiped out a whole planet by removing the water on a water based planet. When the Lanterns get to the planet they find two more Lanterns murdered and impaled on stakes.

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Goo Goo G'joob 0

Peter Tomasi returns to relaunch Green Lantern Corps and is joined by artist Fernando Pasarin to put the spotlight on Guy Gardner and John Stewart. It's a solid issue but hardly a good introduction to the Green Lantern mythology as it expects readers to already be familiar with all the basics.The issue starts with Guy and John looking to reestablish their roots on Earth through getting some kind of employment. It's not really explained why both men have this sudden interest in doing so. In fact,...

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Quite a good issue 0

I'll admit while I was excited to see John Stewart in a GL book, I was less than enthusiastic to see that Guy Gardner would be joining him. However my hopes were once gain lifted when I found Peter J. Tomasi was writing it.Though as I started to read this, I began to slowly warm up to Guy Gardner. The story is that a mysterious being is murdering Green Lanterns and it's up to John Stewart and Guy Gardner to round a team of GL's to investigate the deaths of the two GL's and are sent to investigat...

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