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Ghosts continues this time with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. As kyle races to visit the grave of his dead love Alex...and deals with the repercussions of Hal Jordan now back in his life, he is forced to deal with the green lantern corpses and Nekron's insidious plan to lay siege to the universe. The only thing standing between Nekron on victory is the universes last Green Lantern Kyle rayner...and if he cant stop them who can?
*Spoilers and details*
 Our hero is flying and thinking about simple times when he wasn't green lantern, a time when he was in love with Alex. His thoughts are interrupted by an explosion and fire, he rescues the people and is in turn rescued by a green lantern......its not time lost Hal its his predecessor.....Abin Sur. He warns kyle of incoming danger but Kyle needs to charge up his ring and make a quick stop elsewhere. Abin warns him to depart at once and then fades away. Kyle Charges up and rushes off to space. There he is confronted by the once dead planet Mogo and from Mogo the green lantern Corpses. 
Kyle tries his best to resist them but then gets confronted by a partially free Nekron. Kyle learns the guardians history with Nekron then realizes he must kill them all again to stop Nekron. Always willing to do anything to save the universe, Kyle mows down the corps. Kilowog being his toughest fight. With them all dead Nekron is returned to his dimension. Mission accomplished Kyle returns to earth to visit Alex's grave. its the anniversary of her death. After some reflection at her grave, he gains enough closure with death itself having faced down Nekron and the corps Corpses. He then flies off to meet up with Hal.

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