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A Year One Annual. Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner are caught simultaneously in a strange power-battery vortex that swaps their lives.

Under the influence of Parallax, Hal Jordan, steals the power batteries of Alan Scott and Guy Gardner, and in a grab for more power tries to power his ring with both batteries at once. In a twist of fate, Kyle Rayner is charging his ring in his battery at the same time. This event causes Kyle and Hal to switch bodies and lives. Kyle finds himself in Coast City, years before it's destruction battling The Invisible Destroyer. he makes quick work of the villain and flies off to find Hal's battery to see if he can use it to to change himself back to Kyle.

Meanwhile in another time Hal finds himself in Kyle's life with Kyle's girlfriend Alex, before she is killed. Alex comes on to Hal and he needs to leave the apartment, but upon realizing he is a green lantern again he flies back. When he returns he stops Major Force from killing Alex, and the two kiss.

Back in Hal's life, Kyle meets Carol, Pie-Face, finds Hal's battery and tells off the Guardians. Kyle then flies off with the battery to think and tries recharging it. At the same time Hal, decides to stay in Kyle's life but needs to recharge his ring, and when he does it switches back the two's lives.

Kyle and Hal stand at Alex's grave. Kyle emits living a day in Hal's shoes had given him some insight, but he still hates Hal for all the damage he has done. Hal promises that once he fixes himself he will bring Alex back as well, but this does not sit well with Kyle who watches as Hal flies away.

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