johnkmccubbin91's Green Lantern Annual #1 - Rise of the Third Army, Prologue; The First Soldier review

Ending or Prologue?

This is the first annual in the new Green Lantern series and it is a prologue to the next big event in the Green Lantern Universe which itself is meant to be a prelude to something even bigger (according to Johns). The art from Ethan Van Sciver is brilliant and it is a well written comic.

This annual starts with the Guardians reflecting over the failure in their previous two armies in, the Manhunters and the Green Lantern Corps, whilst they prepare their new army. We then see Hal Jordan reflect on how he has been a Green Lantern, been striped of being a Green Lantern then getting made a false one by Sinestro whilst hauling himself out of a grave that Black Hand put him in. He then sees Sinestro's grave and starts to dig him out before Black Hand stops him by trying to resurrect Hal's father. We then see the Guardians trying to free the First Lantern to help them create their new army but other of the Guardians race who were put there to prevent the First Lantern from escaping try to stop them. Hal shoves Black Hand out of the way to prevent him form raising his father and as Black Hand is about to kill Hal Sinestro saves him. Hal and Sinestro with their combined will power to bring Sinestro's lantern and power their rings. As the Guardians battle out the vault holding the First Lantern is broken and they get in to him. The Guardians then go and take the rings from Sinestro and Hal whilst also capturing Black Hand who they have plans for. There is then an epilogue where the Guardians start to make their new army.

This was a brilliant issue and leaves so many questions. The only thing I didn't like is cause it was a prologue to the next event in the Green Lantern series it kinda took away from the ending to the current story. I think it would have been better to have had one issue with the end to the Revenge of the Black Hand story and another that sets up the new Rise of the Third Army story. However for a ending and a beginning it was done very well and the two interlinked very well. I also liked where this is heading and am looking forward to what comes next. The only other thing I can mark this comic down on is that when the Guardians came to take Hal and Sinestro's rings it felt a bit rushed, but besides that a very good comic and probably one of the best Green Lantern ones yet.

Final verdict. This is a must have comic for anyone who gets any Green Lantern comic or the Red Lantern comic as it is a sign of things to come in the next big crossover event. Also people who haven't read any thing of Green Lantern before this is a great place to start of, as long as you don't question too much on what made the Guardians the way they are.

Rating: 4/5


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