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The First Lantern 0

Good:The whole idea of the Guardians being the bad guys in the New 52 is quite interesting and everything looks fine for now.It is cool to see how those little guys that have always been good now turn out bad and want every lantern to die and even charge up Black Hand to help him kill easier Sinestro and Hal.I love how in the end Hal turns out to work together with Sinestro to defeat Black Hand who is a great villain and Johns has made him even cooler.I dig Sciver's work in her which doesn't hap...

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The Game Changer issue for Green Lantern 0

Here is my video review for Green Lantern Annual issue 1. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Ending or Prologue? 0

This is the first annual in the new Green Lantern series and it is a prologue to the next big event in the Green Lantern Universe which itself is meant to be a prelude to something even bigger (according to Johns). The art from Ethan Van Sciver is brilliant and it is a well written comic.This annual starts with the Guardians reflecting over the failure in their previous two armies in, the Manhunters and the Green Lantern Corps, whilst they prepare their new army. We then see Hal Jordan reflect o...

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Green Lantern Annual #1 0

THE GOOD: Ethan Van Sciver does a great job at filling the whole issue with his detailed and interesting art. Just looking at the first page, you can see the amount of details he puts into his backgrounds and his characters facial expressions. The story is huge and very interesting. The guardians are losing it and they are setting out to create a Third Army. This issue was really good at setting up the crossover event that will be coming soon. It also, does a very good job at ending a story that...

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It Rises Here! 0

This annual felt like a coming to full circle for Johns and Van Sciver; I enjoyed every page of it, and it's clearly the story that tells the fall of the Guardians... those vicious midgets have got to go!Please check my mini-review of Green Lantern Annual #1 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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