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Kyle has been swept up into a future where the Green Lantern Corps is a criminal organization. Will he be able to clear his name and get back home?

Ok folks our story opens up with The green lantern corp fleeing from the legion of superheroes. They as we find out are the worst criminals the future has encountered in quite some time. The lanterns use there powers to kick some legion ass and make off with the loot. The legion kick themselves but when they hear of a lantern in custody they drop by the jail o get him. Kyle well behaved and pleading his case of some misunderstanding gets rescued by the legion and taken to their HQ. Once there he learns that the Green Lantern corp is a group of criminals. Whats worse is he finds out Time travel has been outlawed so he cant be sent back home and as if that wasn't bad enough THEY HAVE NO RECORDS OF HIS TIME AS GREEN LANTERN!

so Kyle is left in a bad place he has no legacy...all they have is Hal Jordan records....

Being the great guy he is he soldiers on and helps the legion locate the evil corp, along the way future flash xs first with him quite openly much to his flattery yes but dismay nonetheless. The corp attacks, knocks her out and while kyle's distracted they knock him unconscious and take them aboard their base. The leader of the corp confiscates Kyle's ring but it wont work for him and it vanishes from his finger.

In an alley on earth Ganthlet the last of the guardians calls the ring to him and gives it to a young dark haired woman called Cary Wren as she places the ring on her finger she transforms into a green lantern, complete with classic costume.

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