stormtrance1618's Green Lantern #9 - The Secret of the Indigo Tribe, Part Three review

Indigo Revealed

Sinestro is a member of the Indigo Tribe and is ready to apologize to Hal Jordad. The tribe, having converted Sinestro, is now ready to send Hal on his way. However, Hal isn't leaving with Sinestro. So he goes on a mission to located the Central Lantern Battery and maybe find the truth about this mysterious tribe.

Geoff Johns purposely titled this arc 'The Secret of the Indigo Tribe'. Finally, after all this time, many questions are answered. Johns finally delivers what you want to know even though he does go about it in some cliched ways. The opening flashback was nice and Sinestro fans will probably enjoy it. But the focus of the issue is revealing the truth about the Indigo Tribe. Therefore, there is no action in this comic and lets of exposition .

This is a great issue! The are some cool secrets we learn. However, Johns isn't entirely original on how he presents the information. So, how is all the information and the secrets about the Indigo Tribe revealed? By the a crazy old man, the oldest member of the tribe who helped co-create them and isn't entirely in touch with the current times of course. And when he firsts meets Hal, ofcourse the first thing he says is commenting on how ugly of a Green Lantern Hal is. The old cliches is the only reason I didn't give this a 5 star rating. It's not a major gripe though because this is still a great issue with some great revelations. Also, the cover is yet another misleading cover. "Drowning in the Madness of Black Hand". Yeah... he has a brief cameo in this issue. Stupid covers...

That flashback with Sinestro I mentioned early would not have had as much effect if it hadn't been for Doug Mahnke's beautiful art. The fourth page is a full page splash that is simply beautiful and captures emotion perfectly. The rest of the issue's art and colors are simply fantastic. Mahnke has been killing it since the start of this arc, bringing the style and look of Blackest Night back to Green Lantern. He is still channeling Jim Lee and it works. Mahnke and Johns is still the perfect Green Lantern team.

Green Lantern fanboys will love this issue. They will be happy to finally have some answers and they will be looking forward to what the conclusion leaves for them in the future. This is all still the calm before the storm of the big Guardians versus the Green Lantern Corps event. As good is Green Lantern has been and is it still promises to be awesome!


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