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Kyle takes Donna to California to meet his mother.

Kyle is visiting the Alex's grave and thinks about all that's happened since he got the ring. While there he runs into Alex's sister who is incredibly upset at him for missing the funeral.

She slaps him and tells him that he has no right to be there and that he'd better not come back. He says good-bye to Alex and takes off with Donna to L.A. to visit his mom.

He tells Donna that he hasn't been on good terms with his mom for quite a while, that she never treated him like he was an adult and he hasn't talked to her since he got the ring.

En route to his mom's place, he stops a fire at Star Labs, where Donna accuses him of stalling. When he finally gets to his mom's house, she asks to see the costume, which surprises Kyle, but she just tells him that a mother can tell these things.

While trying to catch up on things, Kyle mentions that he tried to find his father, which sends his mom over the edge. Apparently, that was something they never talked about, and this starts a fight between the two and ends with Kyle walking out.

The issue ends back in Star Labs with some computer equipment building itself into "The Machine Messiah" as it calls itself.

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