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A trial for Old-Timer is in session and Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Black Canary are speaking on his behalf to defend him, even though he pleads himself guilty. He is sentenced to become a mortal and live on the original world of the Guardians of the Universe until his death. The three want to accompany him on his journey and Hal tells the Guardians that he lost his respect for them and that he thinks about quitting being a Green Lantern. They consider this a pity but think that he may be too human for the job.

The four friends land on Maltus and are welcomed in an unfriendly way by the citizens. They think something is wrong with the planet and try to find out what caused the dismay of its inhabitants. In a factory they meet a man who tells them what happened to their world. The planet once passed a certain dust in space which caused everyone to become infertile. But a woman called Mother Juna created new Matulsans who grew into adults in just a couple of days. Now the planet is overpopulated and the team wants to find Juna and stop her.

The consequences of overpopulation are showing, making clear how the inhabitants became such an unhappy and angry crowd. By using the talents of all three superheroes, they manage to get into Mother Juna's lab where they have to fight off a guard. Mother Juna appears with more guard clones and the fight continues. Black Canary brings her down and they ask her why she did all of this. She explains that she never had babies and didn't see any other way, making Black Canary feel sorry for her.

Hal wants to appeal the sentence of the Guardians' court but Old-Timer refuses, wanting to help the Maltusians instead. They go back to Star City where Hal seperates from Black Canary and Green Arrow.

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