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In the future, a council is in need of a "Solar Director" and have chosen Green Lantern to be it. They plan to use their new invention called a time-scope to bring him to the future and as they do, they also have to rewrite his memory because bringing him to their future would wipe his memory. Back in the present day, Green Lantern charges his ring and prepares to stop a monster attacking the ocean front but as he approaches the monster, he is brought to the future where his memory has been rewritten. He is then told about the threat - creatures called zegors which were gila monsters that had evolved and become a very advanced species. The zegors are now a threat to the people of the future as they have began to conquer parts of the country. Green Lantern then encounters them and realizes they are more powerful than he thought as their energy blasts equal his own but he did learn that they never killed any of their victims, and that they had just been shrunk down. Soon, a Zegor attaks his "love" Iona but he shrinks after her and finds all the shrunken victims of the zegors and frees them all. Soon Green Lantern thinks of a way to defeat the zegors and goes to their hideout where he finds that their powers come from buildings in their underground civilization and he proceeds to destroy the buildings. Soon, the armies of the future finish off the zegors and the threat is ended. Green Lantern is then sent back to his own time where he must deal with the monster attacking the ocean front. However, he finds that his ring is powerless against it and soon learns that it is because of an invisible yellow aura around the monster. He realizes though, that since the creature must have been spawned by radiation from outer space when a capsule crashed into the ocean and minerals in the ocean, particularly gold. He uses his knowledge of chemistry to then create aqua regia with his ring which can dissolve even gold and dissolves the creature. He soon returns to charge his ring which he realizes needed to be charged though he could understand why, while in the future, Iona looks at him and finds it sad how he doesn't remember anything from the future while she believes she'll never forget him.

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