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The Guardians have fallen before the unparallel might of one of their own. Can the trio of Green Lanterns from Earth - the optimistic Hal Jordan, the obnoxious Guy Gardner, and the stalwart John Stewart, somehow muster enough will power to defeat the malevolent immortal before it's too late? "Bringing it Together!" Part 8 of 8. Guest-starring Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) and Green Lantern (John Stewart).

Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan are on Oa facing a army of Appa Ali Apsa's mind controlled creatures, and their rings are drained of their power, so Hal proposes a bluff that doesn't seem to be working. Then the Xudarians, led by Tomar Tu and the people of Hope Springs led by Rose Hardin come to the rescue.

Hal and Guy use one of the Xudarian's speeders to find Pazu Pinder Pol, one of the Guardians who are battling Appa for the fate of Oa, and convince him to change tactics while they find John Stewart.

Pazu agrees and instead of trying to say Oa the Guardians began to attack it. This confuses Appa and gives Hal time to find John, who is mind linked with Appa. Hal has John go into Appa's mind and show him great loneliness. This cause Appa to release his hold on the power of Oa long enough for the Guardians to take control of it and turn it on Appa, killing him.

Later, Hal, Guy and John stand infront of the Guardians who inform them that they will be reforming the Corp and each of the three will have a part. John feels better now that the voices in his head are gone, Guy feels angry knowing Hal will get the cushy job while he's going to have to work, and Hal feels better knowing he is both Hal Jordan and Green Lantern.

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