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Sinestro has recovered the Book of the Black and has seen it's prophecies. Let's just say the future doesn't look good for Sinestro, Hal Jordan, and the entire Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro must convince Hal to help him and Hal is unconvinced even though his ring is still powered by Sinestro. Just when Sinestro begins to explain the future to Hal, the Indigo Tribe shows up with force.

Holy crap, it's great to have Doug Mahnke back. He only had a one issue break from doing the art but because lasts issues pencils were so drastically different, it felt like Doug had been gone a long time. He is the definite Green Lantern artist and let's hope he doesn't take many breaks. He does another fantastic job and the inkers make it look like the Green Lantern universe we all know and love.

Geoff Johns once again delivers as well, beginning the next big arc for the Green Lantern universe. Johns starts the ball rolling and it looks like the ball is going to roll for a while and get bigger as long as it rolls and picks up steam. Johns puts so much small but critical stuff in this one issue that us hardcore Geoff John's Green Lantern fans salivating at the mouth and looking for more tidbits and can't wait for the next issue. Although I will say, this issue fills far too short. Johns' almost puts too much into one issue.

I just think it's cool that it's 7 issues into this new series and the main Green Lantern is still Sinestro and he is still in control of Hal who still isn't an official Green Lantern. I enjoyed seeing an old villian, Carol bringing out the Star Sapphire power ring, the Guardians about to get nasty, Sinestro being a Green Lantern, and the continuing great dialogue and relationship between Sinestro and Hal.

It's no secret that I'm a die hard Green Lantern fanboy. However, it is great to see this series continue to be great. Great story arcs, great dialogue, and thankfully with Mahnke returning, great art! Do yourself a favor, jump into the Green Lantern universe if you haven't already and get this issue! MORE great things are coming!

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