gordon_kelly's Green Lantern #67 - War of the Green Lanterns, Part Ten review

War of the Green Lanterns Ending

I wood like to make this short. I enjoyed this series War of the Green Lanterns but there is one thing. I was in shock to see Sinestro become the Green Lantern again. I was not seeing that happing at all. I wood give this ending to the seris a 10 out of 10 a good comic book series to read again and again.

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    War of the Green Lanterns comes to an end and to its credit, does deliver a worthwhile payoff. There were definitely some underwhelming and bumpy roads early on in this story arc, but it manages to delivering a satisfying conclusion that sets up well for the September relaunch of this title. Does it deliver on the hyped huge changes where nothing will ever be the same? No, it really doesn't got that far. While Krona's defeat does come too easily, the ramifications of how it plays out manage to a...

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