keith71_98's Green Lantern #67 - War of the Green Lanterns, Part Ten review

Fun, exciting finale made better by a strong ending!

Many people lost interest in the "War of the Green Lanterns" storyline but I've had a reasonable amount of fun with it. I think my enjoyment is due to reading it after I had all of the issues. I can see where reading it according to the release schedule could be taxing. Green Lantern #67 brings the conclusion to the arc but also the first major setup to DC's September relaunch. 

As with most of these issues, Johns' focus is much more on action than dialogue but considering this is the big finale it's to be expected. Most of the book focuses on the climactic battle between Hal, Kyle, John, and Guy and Krona, along with the entity possessed Guardians. It's simple but fun and while some of the conclusions are to neat and tidy, it's an entertaining finale made better by a strong ending. In the second half of the issue you begin to see an interesting turn of events surrounding an important character and this evolves into a cliffhanger ending of sorts. I loved the way it wrapped up and it's more appealing due to the "Coming in September, Green Lantern #1" stamped on the final page. 

Doug Mahnke is completely comfortable drawing large scale epic space battles. This issue has it's share of action-packed panels and large splash pages. Most of his panels are sharp and vibrant with the exception of the few that are a tad cluttered and hard to decipher. But it's hard to find fault with the art and with the exception of the very "blah" cover art, this book generally looks really good.  

"War of the Green Lanterns" is an entertaining story if you read it altogether. This issue serves as a solid conclusion but an even better setup for September's Green Lantern #1. Johns has set the table for a very interesting direction for Green Lantern and it all starts with this here. Certainly worth picking up

Posted by LOWJACK2001

Horrible! Colors were good and art was good but it was only about 22-pages long. I expected more from an event that changed the Green Lanters forever seriously this time. There is a scene where Kyle Ryner has to draw a page in the Black Book and says "he couldve done better if he had more time". I believe this was the artist and writer speaking through the character because this was a supbar saga ending issue. It should have been 40 pages easily. The way Hal kills Krona illuminates why Green Lanter will never be as cool as the Wolverines. What is the Green Lantern's power beyond an energy blast and can the writer and drawer illustrate how powerful the ring is supposed to be. This comic book did not prove it. Krona goes downvery weak.
Posted by Cervantes

Have to check it out, thanks!
Posted by ltbrd

I was unimpressed by the conclusion to this story and felt like it did almost nothing to make us understand anything more about the Blackest Night, Brightest Day, White Entity or any of the other questions about the Corps that have been building over the years. If anything it only gave us more questions and only a few answers.....which is not something I expected going into the DC reboot. At the start this felt like the perfect story to lay all the cards on the table and clear all the questions away so that the slate can start clean in September. Instead we got a recurring villain using recurring characters and themes that finished with only two or three real shifts in the status quo but nothing that appears groundbreaking at this point. 
The depiction of the Guardians is also getting old and the fact that the Corps in general still takes their orders is a bit of a joke at this point given the ungracious way they acted in lieu of the their rescue. 
Also don't see how any of this impacts Green Lantern #1 in September given Hal Jordan's status at the end of this issue yet the depiction of the rebooted Justice League showing something completely different.

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