chroinkero's Green Lantern #6 - The Other Hero review

Green Lantern #6

The Good:

The issue is a pretty good filler issue. It shows how Hal adjusts to being without his ring, and somehow, he likes it. The writing is pretty good. The parts with Sinestro are good and the artwork really works with him.

The Bad:

The art is good but it doesn't feel like it works with the Hal parts of the book. The art makes Hal seem way to young and the dialogue doesn't do much to make it seem as though this is not in the past. Also I feel like Sinestro's partner added nothing to the book except for enforcing Sinestro's need for Hal. The cover is extremely misleading, especially since it depicts Hal reaching for the ring instead of trying to get away.

The Decision:

The book is fairly good. There is no reason to stop reading after this book. The series is still really good and hopefully will bounce back from this issue. The art is ok but luckily Mahnke is coming back with a hopefully very good story arc.

Posted by JLFan15


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