stormtrance1618's Green Lantern #6 - The Other Hero review

"Hal Jordan... Damn Him!"

Hal Jordan appears to be getting used to not being a Green Lantern as he lives a normal ordinary life with his girl friend Carol Ferris. Meanwhile, Sinestro recruits his old nemesis Starstorm to help him look for Lyssa Dark, the keeper of the Black Book.

This isn't a bad issue. It's just not a great issue. It's sole purpose is to be filler into the next big story line with hints at what's in store. It's nice seeing Hal not needing to be a Green Lantern and it is also fun to see Sinestro being a Green Lantern again. The highlight of the comic however is when Sinestro rips a page out of the Black Book and see's the future. It's a full page piece that really gets me excited about the future of this series. But other than that and the fact that Sinestro is realizing how valuable Hal is as a Green Lantern ("Hal Jordan... damn him"), nothing else happens in this issue.

But it's not the story that keeps this issue from being great. It's the art. Doug Mahnke takes a break and Mike Choi is the artist. Well, let's hope his run as a guest artist is a short one. His style isn't really that bad, it just doesn't really seem to fit the Green Lantern series. Even the coloring seems drastically different. I'd probably like Choi's style if it were in another title. However, there is one big glaring problem. His Hal Jordan looks like a teenager. Seriously, it looks like Hal is 16 years old. That's not good. His Sinestro also tends to be more Latino.

If it weren't for the art, I'd probably give this a 4 out of 5. It was nice to see how both Green Lanterns are moving on and it was a pleasant surprise to see Lyssa Dark again. The best part is the glimpse of the future but the art might distract you. This issue can be skipped. Unless you're a huge Green Lantern fan and have to collect everything Green Lantern like me!

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Posted by JangoCrossfire

I've read (and listened to) other reviews for this issue and the most common complaint is the Guest Artist here. Having seen the film finally, I've become intrigued by the character of Sinestro and the way this series has started out in the New 52 has be equally interested.

Plus your honest opinions about your favorite book (you can admit when something's "off") have me wanting to either Catch-Up on the issues or just wait til the HC comes out. Either way, I'm sold!

Posted by stormtrance1618

@JangoCrossfire: you really should get in to green lantern Jango. unfortunately, you've missed a lot. I guess you could do like me and go back and get every trade that has come out since Johns took over in 05. Just look at my Green Lantern Collection list to see what you've missed. You don't need ALL those trades though. If you're curious, I can let you know which you don't need.

Posted by jaredbright

I see a lot of art like that these days, that has empty space like a floor or a sky. There's something unsettling about it. I remember Todd Mcfarlane would draw speed lines on a skyline and it look way cool.

I still don't know 10% of the Green Lanter books and their history, but that's good. It's like discovering new stuff. It's like the books I used to read new. Like the X-Men. Years ago I started reading it and would find stuff out as I went along.

Posted by stormtrance1618

Green Lantern is an amazing series with epic story lines, characters, and concepts!

Thanks for reading my review and commenting!

Posted by Adamar

@stormtrance1618: Any chance you can tell me which ones I dont need? I wanna be able to read as little of them as possible without missing anything really important.

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