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Kyle meets up with Donna Troy his new teammates since he’s gotten into the titans. She helps him unpack the rest of his things and help set up his apartment. They flirt a little and clearly have more than just physical attraction going on. He even entrusts her with his secret identity. They share their history with each other; dead girlfriend, ex husband etc. Once their through he offers her dinner. Once she leaves him and Radu take a strole when a demon grabs radu and takes of, Kyle comes to his aid and he realizes the source of the demons is the crazy alley man from last issue. He uses his ring to restore his memories and he banishes the demons and reveals he is Felix Faust a sorcerer and that Kyle will see him again.

The Good!
The unpacking and bonding of Donna and Kyle was wonderful, didn’t feel forced of rushed just…natural. I also loved the bits with Radu and Kyle. And my god, the humor is very reminiscent of Spider-man’s banter from back in the 90’s pure gold.

The Bad!
Action junkies wont like it, story is not the best. Art was again uneven.

The Ugly!
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