the_cyan_lantern's Green Lantern #57 - What Happens in Las Vegas Nevada review

It's a Man's World (That Ladies Run)


   Hal's mission drags him now to Vegas with Larfleeze where Carol patrols for the Predator as hit seeks a host, but she is sent to collect him.

The Good:

   I remember at my first con (WWC) at a DC forum a gentlemen asked "When will we see a Man- Violet Lantern?" They laughed and joked how he'll look in a one- piece. But from this cover you can clearly see this suit works. Kinda has that David Bowie- Starman look but don't let that fool you. Overall the book had a whole story arc within it's self that works. A problem to start, mission in the middle, and a result at the end. Sometimes that would be hard to convey, yet Geoff made it to a success. 

The Bad:

   Even though Geoff worked hard to have large story to tell us in one issue, he left us by the wayside in what happened with Hector. Maybe we'll see in following issues, but how did the boys escape?

Review: 4 out of 5

   After waiting more than a month for this issue, it stands enough to forgive that GL gap. We do have a unresolved 3 pages but you can look past that and see this issue deserves a fair 4, out of 5.
Posted by zackattack529

the guy in the isssue has actually appeared in green lantern way before Geoff johns run. he was still called the predator..i still have the comic he is in. but yaa Geofff used him and revamped his character for this run, it was kind of a good idea. thats what johns does though. steal others work and revamps it for newer audiences. but...sometimes its good. (if your wondering why i went off like this i dont like geoff johns :) )

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    It is easy for me to admit that the only reason I continue to buy this comic is because of Larfleeze.  Geoff Johns has created a new icon in comics.  I was grinning from ear to ear when Larfleeze discovered a buffet in Las Vegas.Other than that, this comic left a lot to be desired.  It's basically just an example case of how The Predator works for the Star Sapphires, and, despite the first couple of pages, involves a substantial detachment from the previous issue.I am tired of this Entity...

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